Gluten Free tips

Let’s Talk Gluten Free

You’ve been diagnosed with coeliac disease or you have been advised to do an elimination diet by a nutritionist or dietician. What do you do?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Are You Suffering from IBS?

Are the days of a settled, flat tummy without pain a distant memory? We all experience digestive upsets occasionally, but if it’s not the norm, this may indicate that you have something called irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It is believed that between 15 to 20% of New Zealanders suffer from this condition.

IBS Puzzle

Let’s Talk Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS affects around one in seven New Zealanders. It’s likely that you have friends or family that suffer from this frustrating and embarrassing condition.

Detoxification is it good for you

Is Detox the Answer?

Beyond the hype and trendy headlines, detoxification is real and involves many biochemical processes. Detoxification is a normal part of our daily internal housekeeping.

How to survive christmas

How to Survive Christmas and Thrive

Are we trying to live up to unrealistic expectations of creating a ‘perfect’ Christmas? Should we rather be keeping things simple and enjoying our time with our family and friends? Are we being sucked in by all those ‘fabulous’ marketing campaigns? Christmas is a tradition that is religious for some. For others it may be the time to have a well-deserved holiday.

Turmeric Chicken Broth Recipe

In Chinese medicine, winter is the time to take care of your adrenal glands. Adrenal glands are found just above your kidneys and help you to respond to stress appropriately. They may be small but they make and release many hormones that circulate through your blood and influence many aspects of your health.


What is the Gut Microbiome

Mainly made up of bacteria, some fungi, viruses and protozoa, we have developed a mutually beneficial relationship with our microbes that function together in an ecosystem. This is our Mocrobiome.