Healing Naturally through Nutrition, Reiki and Counselling

Healing Naturally through Nutrition, Reiki and Counselling


Revive Your Gut and Thrive

Let’s identify the root cause of your health concerns and which foods work for you. Gut health is essential for healthy immune function and much more!


Restore Your Energy and Thrive

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing being used in reputable medical facilities all around the world to improve patient care and outcomes.


Rewire your Mind and Thrive

Changing the way we see the world and ourselves can help us to heal. Intuitive counselling can be a journey of self-discovery and self-development.

I’m Hazel

I help men, women and children with gut problems, fatigue and other health conditions to take control of their health through nutrition and other lifestyle changes.

By identifying the root cause of your symptoms, we will work out what you can eat and create a plan that works for you. Making a commitment to change can have you feeling fabulous again. Let’s work together to help you to thrive. 

I’m a registered Clinical Nutritionist, Counsellor and Reiki practitioner with a special interest in gut health. Know that I have walked in your shoes and understand how frustrating poor health can be.


Healing Naturally can help you

Reduce digestive discomfort and feel confident in social settings

Reduce IBS/IBD flares

Eat the right foods for you

Eat healthy food without feeling deprived

Be free of general aches and pains

Increase your energy levels

Feel calm and balanced

Gain clarity on what you need in your life

Feel energised and refreshed after a night’s sleep