Healing Nutrition

Revive your Gut and Thrive

Your gut is linked to nearly every facet of your health, from your immune system to your mood.” Dr Amy Carmichael

Nutrition for Healing and Gut Health

We all have our own unique footprint and my approach is to identify which foods work best for you. Even some healthy foods can be problematic for some. Making small changes to your diet and lifestyle can make a difference to the way you look, feel and think.

To find out what’s right for you, I take a full health history, consider your stressors, your lifestyle choices and eating habits to identify the root cause of your health concerns. 

I’m like a detective looking for all the clues to work out the best approach for you. We work together so that you can make sustainable lifestyle changes.

I can help with gut health (constipation, bloating, diarrhoea, heartburn, IBS), food intolerances or sensitivities, fatigue, stress, detoxification, eczema, autoimmune conditions and more.

Book a Nutritional Consultation

By taking this step you are investing in yourself. This investment includes my expertise, my time to prepare for our consultations, our time together and my time to right up your ‘Plan of Action’. I also keep you accountable and on track. Please note all testing and supplements are additional, since these are personalised to each client.

Healing Naturally offers mainly online consultations. This gives you the convenience of not having to travel and having your consultation in the comfort of your own home or at the office. It also allows me to support my clients wherever they are in the world. 

I offer video consultations via Zoom, WhatsApp, Messenger or FaceTime. If you prefer another video meeting service, I am sure we can accommodate you. 

 Initial consultation $195
Follow-ups $95
Gut Healing Programme $1010
Prices are in NZD and include GST.

I’m here to help. If you need assistance, please let me know your circumstances, since fees can be adjusted. Payment plans are gladly considered for those who need support.

If you are local to Wanaka and would prefer an in-person consultation, please contact me to discuss.

Find Out More

Why wait, request a free no-obligation 15-minute discovery call to find out if my approach is right for you. 

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The time zone in Wanaka, New Zealand is UTC/GMT + 12 hours in winter or +13 hours in summer:

What to Expect

Understanding, since I know what it feels like to feel unwell and the benefits of making changes to one’s lifestyle. To work together as a team during the positive and the challenging times. I don’t ‘cure’ or ‘treat’, that’s out of my scope. My role is to identify the root causes of why you have gut issues or other health concerns. I support you nutritionally and through appropriate supplementation to rebalance your system to facilitate the healing process. There’s no quick fix, it takes patience and commitment to make lasting changes. 

Our initial consultation includes my preparation time, 60 minutes face-to-face and my time to write up your goals and recommendations. We will set goals together and I will formulate nutritional and lifestyle recommendations for you to start on straight away. Testing may be recommended at this stage to identify food sensitivities, bacterial imbalances, parasites, fungal overgrowth, heavy metal toxicity or hormonal imbalances.

Functional testing, hair analysis, other testing and supplements are additional costs that will be provided separately, if any of these are required.

What I Need From You

  • A completed questionnaire prior to our consultation, which I will send to you.
  • To let me know if you like to make big changes straight away or prefer to make small changes over time.
  • To understand that this is a journey and that it may take some time before you are feeling more like yourself. Allow three to four months for the healing process to take place.
  • To know that I am here to support you through the good and challenging times. Sometimes we feel worse before we feel better. This is all part of the healing process.

Accountability and Ongoing Support

After long term health issues, it takes some detective work to identify what the underlying causes are. Functional or other testing may be needed to help with this process. Once I have a clear idea of the main culprits, I can then decide what to focus on first. 

Finding the cause can be likened to an onion, there are many layers, each layer needs to be addressed and sometimes in doing this, other reasons for your ‘dis-ease’ may come to the fore. Establishing what’s causing your symptoms takes knowledge, experience and patience. 

If this sounds like you, you may benefit from doing a six month gut healing programme. Please see details below.


  • Gut Nutrition and Wellness Consultation Initial consultation $180
    • Review of questionnaire to understand you and your needs.
    • One hour face-to-face.
    • Setting goals and providing you with nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to get you started on your health journey.
  • Follow-up appointments $90
  • Gut Healing Programme $990
    • Review of questionnaire to understand you and your needs.
    • One hour face-to-face.
    • Setting goals and providing you with nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to get you started on your health journey.
    • Review of blood results, blood pressure, assessment of tongue, face and nails, testing recommendations and interpretation.
    • Meal plan and recipes.
    • Research and email support.

All prices are in NZD and include GST.


Progress and reassessment follow-up consultations are essential to monitor how you are getting on with your treatment strategy.

During these sessions, we will be able to discuss what is working well and review supplementation and testing.

Retesting is a great way of monitoring progress and change. Plans can be adjusted at this stage to ensure that you meet your health goals.

Investment: $90 inc. GST

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Pay as you go: You have the option of paying upfront or after your consultation. Please call me directly if you need payment plan options. I kindly ask that if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you do so a minimum of 48 hours before your booking. This will give me the opportunity to offer this appointment to another client.

Book online or if you have a query you can either call me on 021 807 498 or use the form on our contact us page.