Naturally Infused Water Recipe Ideas

Fruity ideas for tasty infused water

This is a great way of staying hydrated and still enjoying a libation during the holiday period, particularly since many people don’t like the taste of plain water. Infused water is really easy to make and is a much better option than sugary fruit juices, sodas or artificial sweetened beverages. They’re a much healthier choice! You can infuse water with any fruit, vegetable or herb. The most common are fresh berries, citrus fruits and refreshing herbs such as mint. Good combinations are:

  • Pineapple and rosemary
  • Raspberry, orange and mint
  • Peach and lavender
  • Cucumber, lemon and mint
  • Apple and ginger

Some fruit and herbs will infuse their flavours pretty quickly. A couple of hours will do the trick. Others like stone fruit and apples may take a bit longer. You can infuse them overnight if you prefer. Usually the infused water will last around three days if refrigerated. You may want to remove the ingredients to avoid it becoming too strong.

Nutritional Benefits

Staying dehydrated is really important. Water has many functions, it regulates our body temperature, maintains our blood volume and blood pressure, it transports key ingredients throughout the body and supports proper excretion of waste. If your wee is dark and murky, it’s time to increase your water intake. Fluid needs differ from person to person. I usually work on weight. I weigh around 60kg, so I multiply my weight by 0.033, which is around 2 litres.

The majority of my clients are dehydrated, and coffee or tea don’t count since they are dehydrating! Good replacements other that infused water are herbal teas, available from supermarkets and health shops. Have fun this Christmas and on other occasions with infused water. If you need a bit of sweetness, you always add in some raw honey or pure maple syrup. Have fun!