Does Reiki Really Work?

Many people ask if Reiki really works.

The simple answer is yes. This is the communication that I received from a client after having Reiki on her sacroiliac (SI) joint. 

“I’ve made it through two weekends of heavy hill runs with the SI joint still intact. Very exciting!!”

Another client…..

“The day after my Reiki, I had great energy and felt light”.

Distance healing…..

“I was sceptical at first as to whether distance Reiki was going to work and was extremely excited that it did work! I am very grateful to Hazel for offering this to me whilst we were in lockdown, as it’s really helpful with relaxation and anxiety. I personally have found that there isn’t much difference between being in person or by distance.”

As part of my self-care practice, I do Reiki on myself regularly. I sleep better, my energy is improved and I just feel more positive. If we as practitioners don’t look after ourselves, how can we hold space for others. 

Taking the time to receive a treatment or giving a self-treatment allows our bodies the time to take in this beautiful energy for healing. 

When we are more attuned, aligned or balanced we are able to let go of anxiety, worry, fear, resentment, anger and stress.

If you are in need of restorative healing, give me a call today to see how I can help.  021807498