Can Reiki be Used in Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Will Reiki help IBS?

That would be a yes! A 2017 research paper concluded that ‘the addition of healing therapy to conventional treatment was associated with improvement in symptoms and quality of life in IBS”. Another study in in 2015 found that participants experienced a relaxing sensation during the healing therapy that continued for a time period after the session. IBS sufferers also were more tolerant of  their symptoms.

IBS is a common functional disorder that presents with symptoms of abdominal pain, bloating, a change in bowel habits; either constipation, diarrhea or a combination of both. It is believed to affect around 20% of the population. IBS has profound effects on quality of life and wellbeing.

There is no widely recognised cause of IBS in mainstream medicine. Doctors refer to IBS as a ‘functional gastrointestinal disorder’, which means that the gastrointestinal tract doesn’t function properly but there is no physical damage to the gut. It is believed that IBS runs in families and that there is a disturbance in the usual control of the nerves and muscles of the bowel that control sensation and movement of the gut. Doctors usually prescribe a range of medications to suppress and manage symptoms.

As a nutritionist, I believe the underlying cause of IBS can be related to food sensitivities, leaky gut, small intestinal bowel overgrowth (SIBO), parasites, yeast overgrowth, nutritional deficiencies and chronic stress. Please see my earlier blog post on IBS. Early on as a nutritionist, I came to understand that emotions played a role in ‘dis-ease”. This led me to start a Diploma in Intuitive Counselling/Coaching, which I hope to complete in 2020.

I was able to address my clients’ physical and emotional needs, but I felt I was missing something. Over the years I had always been attracted to Reiki, even though I hadn’t experienced it myself. I started to read up about it and found that it can be used to increase the body’s own ability to restore one’s energy levels and wellbeing. It is also believed to reduce stress, anxiety and pain. Many people find that it helps with relaxation and sleep too.

This sounded like it was exactly what I was looking for, since many people struggle with these types of symptoms. I have now completed Reiki I, II and III and received the master symbol attunement. I use it on myself and I’m able to help others with their own healing.

Reiki is a vibrational or subtle energy therapy that uses light touch to balance the biofield and strengthen the body’s own ability to heal itself. A biofield is made up of interacting fields of energy and information that surround all living systems. Energy healing has existed for 1000 of years and it is encouraging that there are now more studies been done in fields of cancer and pain management using Reiki and other techniques.

Mikao Usui, a dedicated spiritual aspirant, formulated the roots of Usui Reiki in early 20th century Japan. It’s believed that it was his desire to find a method of healing that was not attached to any specific religion or religious belief so that this healing gift could be accessible to everyone.

The word Reiki means universal life energy. The Reiki practitioner channels universal energy through his or her hands to the recipient. Reiki is now finding respect within the medical community and is being used in reputable medical facilities in the USA, Europe and in the UK to improve patient care and outcomes.

Healing is a multidimensional process that should support the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of all those seeking healing. If you know of anybody that is suffering from IBS or other conditions, Reiki together with healthy eating, regular exercise and understanding our mindset can help in the healing process.

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