Belief can Change Biology

Small changes can start anytime. 

We can physically help ourselves by eating the right foods and making lifestyle changes, but is that enough?

Let’s consider the power of the mind. 

What if I told you that you could change muscle mass of a particular part of your body by thinking about exercise rather than doing it physically. They put this to the test by doing a study and it showed that those who visualised doing a specific exercise over a set period of time had a 22% increase in muscle strength without doing the exercise physically. That’s extraordinary! 

Should we be changing our mindset and how we think? Based on that, I would say YES, YES, YES! The possibilities are endless.

Interested? Have a look at Dr Joe Dispenza’s TED talk. He believes it’s our mindset that sets us apart. I agree, the way we think can make a difference to how we feel, how we react to situations and how we move forward in our life. 

You are what you think AND what you eat!